Clay World

Clay World

As part of my bachelor project at the Danish School of Media and Journalism i created a series of characters.
For the project i worked on a tool (digital scheme) to help the teachers structure the lectures throughout the day.
The taget group was students in elementary school from 0 to 3rd class.
The purpose of the characters was to each represent a subject and make the scheme more fun and appealing for the students.

As a sparetime project i worked on expanding the univers creating a more coherent connection between the characters.
Project has been refined over time with new textures, going from physical- to octane render in Cinema 4D.



The style is playfull and childish. Also wanted the characters to look like they were made out of clay, like something the children could have created themselves.

Choise of characters

It was important that you would be able to distinguish the characters from each other.
I used the cross-method to assemble som different looks and traits for the characters.
– For example the business crocodile is math and the hippie hippopotamus is music.


I tried to challenge myself with each character by giving them different features.
Used dynamics to make stuff like cloth, hair and beard move more natural.


The character sketches


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