"Benjamin Hav" Music Video - Abstract Concepts and Quirky Humor

In my motion design portfolio project, I had the pleasure of working on a music video for the artist "Benjamin Hav," directed by Bertil Vorre and produced by Sony Music. The goal was to create a visually captivating experience that combined abstract concepts with Benjamin Hav's quirky humor.

The project began with designing an intriguing intro sequence. We wanted to establish an abstract conceptual universe for the artist, featuring majestic architecture set in a desert landscape. By infusing a sense of mystery and atmospheric charm, we set the tone for the video.

Additionally, I created backdrop scenes that were projected behind Benjamin Hav during the shoot. These scenes showcased different environments, such as city biking, a retro living room, a sunset, and a tropical setting. We aimed for a blend of realism and surrealism, incorporating Benjamin Hav's unique humor into the visuals.


Director: Bertil Vorre
Producer: Anne Mette Vestskov
Production Manager: Freja Saxgren
DoP: Gustav Stork Jangaard
Steadycam: Rune Nygaard
1st AC: Neffi Kristensen
Gaffer: Malik Thomas Matho Film
Gaffer assistant: Mads Peter Gøbel Elmquist
Production Designer: Lukas Damien Gauger
PD assistant: Ronja Hage Tange
3D artist: August Kyrø
Projector operator: George Smart
Styling: Anna Carli Holmgren
MUA: Pil Brøndum Gad
Runner: Ella Lydholm
Editor: Emil Øllgaard Vilhelmsen
Grading: Jonas Bech Vestergård
Sound design: Nina Liv Bendstrup
VFX: Jonas Bech Vestergård, M2 Film, Bertil Vorre
Graphic: Jens Nordhausen
Produced by #Mastodont.io for Sony Music Denmark


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