Queen Margrethe 2.

For the Danish Queen Margrethe 80 years birthday, DR "The Danish radio network" has choosen to make a digital article on their website about some of her iconic outfits throughout her life. My task was to recreate the queen and her dresses in 3D from three different time periods of her life. The three 3D models will animate in context to whats written in the article while the viewer is scrolling down.

32 years

Although recreating her dress and all the belonging jewelry was a challenge, the most difficult thing was to get her face right.
Looking at different references was definitely a help, but getting the key facial features just right was alot harder then i would expect. Through several iterations of getting feedback from people and tweaking the model i got to a point where the client and i where satisfied with the result.



Some of her jewelry, such as the medallion, has alot of small details. This was a fun exercise to get into the nitty gritty with 3D modelling.


18 years

The flowery dress she wore on her 18 yeared birthday. Part of the animation was to have the dress swaying in the wind.
Recreating her hairstyles was also a project of its own. Becomming a digital hairdresser meant getting to know the different hair-tools in 3D to set and cut hair properly.

13 years

Recreating Margethe in 3D from child to a grownup came with different challenges. Learned alot about the facial anatomy and how it changes through the process of aging



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