Equinox Title Sequence

I had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with the talented team at "Benny Box" on producing the captivating title sequence for the Netflix series, Equinox.

This supernatural thriller demanded a concept that would immerse viewers into a journey through various dream sequences.
As a 3D generalist, I was entrusted with creating different 3D scenes that Benny Box would seamlessly composite with additional 2D footage. Furthermore, my expertise in 3D animation enabled me to set up the camera animation in 3D space, serving as an animatic for the timing of the title sequence, under the close supervision of the Benny Box team.

Captivating Dreamscapes

The majority of the 3D scenes I created for the Equinox title sequence were vast outdoor environments. 
Each scene had to strike a delicate balance between reality and the supernatural, enhancing the overall sense of mystery surrounding the series.

 Working on the Equinox title sequence with Benny Box was a truly rewarding experience.
I am super proud to have contributed to this thrilling Netflix series and hope to do more projects in this genre.



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