3D Translation of Rick & Morty

I embarked on a personal project with the aim of translating the vibrant 2D universe of Rick & Morty into an appealing 3D aesthetic. My goal was to strike a balance between the original cartoon's stylized look and a more photorealistic approach.

To achieve this, I focused on showcasing photorealism through intricate details such as wear and tear and subtle nuances of materials.
The lighting, intentionally overexposed, along with the delicate camera movements and focal depth, added a grounded feel to the project.

While maintaining the essence of the original characters in terms of shape and expression, I aimed to infuse them with a touch of clay stop-motion aesthetics. This approach to shading gave them a unique and charming appearance, reminiscent of the clay animation technique.

Through this project, I aimed to capture the essence of Rick & Morty's universe while pushing the boundaries of its visual representation in 3D. I hope this endeavor showcases my ability to merge different styles and create visually compelling and nostalgic experiences.



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